What we're about

Persian Arab Arts is an art forum founded on the truth that art from the Middle East and North Africa should be easier to find and purchase online. Seeing how cultures and languages in the Middle East and North Africa influence artists today is extremely important and engaging.
Middle Eastern and North African art is rich in skill, beauty, design and history but most often, cherished pieces are sold either in affluent online auction houses for tens of thousands of dollars or in hard-to-find online art venues that don't always feel current.  Persian Arab Arts is a vital bridge linking those who are unfamiliar with the regions to art they feel for and may acquire. 
Arabic and Farsi, much like English and Spanish, use many of the same letters but in different ways in that a Farsi speaker can sound out a word in Arabic but have no idea what the word means just as an English speaker might read a Spanish word.  For this reason and because of the deep layers of history, Persians and Arabs have not shared immense common ground.  Persian Arab Arts is here to be that common ground and showcase art with both Persian and Arabic influences. 

If you would like to know more about listing your art with Persian Arab Arts, or have any questions, please email
Thank you so much. 


Jeana Arabzadeh, Founder