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Leili Visits Majnoon

Leili Visits Majnoon


Handbuilt Ceramic Vessel


Leili and Majnoon (1188), a Persian Romeo and Juliet, is the third poem of the Khamsa written by Nizami Ganjavi. Leili and Majnoon meet; however, they faint as their emotions take over. They are, however, protected by Majnoon's animal entourage, and a lion attacks a man who attempted to approach them. A man at the lower right raises he finger to his mouth in astonishment. After the tears of the old man who arranged the meeting revive Majnoon, beautiful verses flow from his lips. Then Majnoon flees into the desert.


14 1/2 inches in height and 15 1/2 inches wide


The graphic vessel is handcrafted and kiln fired three times.


Artist: Jeana Arabzadeh

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